Monday, December 29, 2008

a good egg gone to waste

It hasn't even been two weeks since the surgery, and I do believe I'm ovulating. I know it's far too early to get back on the bandwagon, but I've been so consumed with trying for so long that it almost pains me to let this eggy go to waste.

I'm like Pavlov's dogs - see the egg white cm, jump Hubby. But today, I'm remaining firmly planted on the couch. How ironic - it's the first time I've actually wanted to get off the couch in weeks!

So, the only way that I can move forward is to plan the future, so my little brain has been ticking away all day. In order to ensure that no other good little eggies go to waste, I'm going to get my body (and mind) in the best possible shape (just in case I ever conceive again).
Step 1: detox. I just need to figure out which product to use, and when would be the best time to start, so as to best control the ensuing anal blow out. This step also means I'll have to say goodbye (yet again!) to some of my newly rediscovered best friends: junk food, alcohol, and caffeine. Poor Hubby. I'm sure I won't be a nice girl for a little while.
Step 2: sweat. I absolutely despise not being able to sweat my ass off in the gym, and since I want to be as healthy as possible before we ttc again, I will throw a tantrum if the doc doesn't give me the ok to work out. Seriously. It's the only high I have left.
Step 3: therapy. I know I need it. I've just recently accepted that. I'll leave my fears of being ridiculed for my own special brand of crazy at the door.
Step 4: acupuncture. I've read some promising stuff about it, and even if it proves to be bunk, I'll give it a try. I've never been scared of needles or anything. As a kid, I'd beg for a shot at the doctor's office, even if I didn't need one. I think I just wanted the lollipops they gave to the kids who had been stuck, or maybe I just liked the pain. Is it any surprise that I love tattoos?

I'm open to suggestions, if you know of any other steps I should include in the renovation of my womb/mind.

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