Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm writing instead of packing....

and we leave for the airport in less than 10 hours. Oh yeah, and I have to finish cleaning my house. I absolutely despise returning home from a trip and finding things in disarray, which is odd, because I'm not exactly a neat freak.

I'm definitely looking forward to this trip - sun, hanging out with the fam, eating, drinking, booty shaking - but I'm also kind of dreading it - it's been my only "something to look forward to" for a while now. To add to the pressure, I'm hoping to come home pregnant (and tan, and ten pounds lighter. The odds are good that I'll step off the plane burnt or as pale as I am now, and pregnant with nothing but a 10 pound food baby.)

Good times :)


  1. I found your blog through the miscarriage blog directory. I'm so sorry for your losses. No one should ever have to go through even one loss let alone five. I hope your trip was stellar, and I hope you come home with a tiny little embryo person to show for it!

  2. My trip was stellar, thanks. I'll have my fingers crossed till next week!

    I"m sorry to hear of your losses as well. I hope that things work out with all of your testing!