Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Normal people don't avoid pregnant women and babies as if they are the devil incarnate.

Normal people don't fling a book across the room when the heroine gets pregnant.

Normal people don't dread meeting their newly birthed family members.

Normal people don't feel like their husbands are cheating on them when they hold someone else's baby.

Normal people don't walk out of the room every time a pregnant belly appears on the tv screen.

Normal people don't spend their lives wishing for something they might never get.

Normal people don't cry every day, and consider it a victory, because they didn't cry ALL day.

Normal people find joy in spending time with their families (okay, well most normal people!).

Normal people don't envision punching an octogenarian in the face for loving a newly birthed family member so much.

Normal people don't wish for their friends to experience pregnancy loss just so they would GET it.



  1. You're right. There's a lot that infertility robs you of. The only good news is that hopefully if/when you're able to have a baby, that will (mostly) go away with time (probably.) The bad news is that you don't have a timeline and don't know if it will happen. It sucks.

  2. great post, can't wait to be normal again. :/

  3. *hugs* I do many of these same things. It's hard.

  4. Wifey, I think that you ARE normal. 100%

    My opinion is that these are the feelings you should be feeling. It is NORMAL after all you've gone though. You are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

    I love your for your honesty, I adore you for your friendship, and I envy you for your strength.

    I hope that peace finds it's way to you soon. Infertility just plain sucks! I'm here if you need me!

  5. It is so hard to try and feel normal when you are hurting so much inside...just know that you are not alone. (((GIANT HUG)))