Thursday, November 12, 2009

posts I've been writing in my head...

...and hope to soon actually write:

1. The mother in law problem

2. Holiday stress

3. Acupuncture (I frakking love it!)

4. Hubby's longest trip yet (9 days. Seriously.)

5. The truth behind "Cry and you cry alone," as seen through Facebook

6. My state of mind/feelings for the future as represented by my favorite hot beverage travel mug

7. Vice, and my battles against it

My fingers are itching to write but I've been a busy busy bee, trying to ignore the fact that Aunt Flo is on her way and Hubby is out of town - again, just as he was when I found out that the ute-saurus had reared her ugly head and devoured the latest young in my womb.


  1. I too have been crazy busy and I have been sick. We really need to get together again. Maybe next week?
    Interested to hear how Accupuncture is going...and all the rest too.

  2. Looking forward to those posts and thinking of you while the crimson bitch rides into your town.

  3. Hey there-here from SQ- those ideas look really interesting and I would love to read them when you're ready :) Take Care! -Rosie