Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rally the Troops!

Hey ladies (well, I guess there could be gentlemen reading here too, so hey to you!) –

There is an excellent article about IF on The Huffington Post today. There are, however, some not so excellent comments. You know, about how those of us with IF aren’t meant to reproduce because it’s natural selection, among others. Please, head on over and tell these jerks what’s what, and please repost this so that more voices can be heard.

Thanks, y'all!


  1. I also read this article today...I thought the article was great! It is sad though that there are so many insensitive people out there...some of the comments were ridiculous!

  2. I read that earlier today... the comments just made me angry. I had to stop reading them. Some people you can explain to them, and explain to them how very complex the issue is but they still don't seem to get it. Ungh.

  3. I have to admit though, part of me likes reading these insensitive comments. It's like on some days I look for websites containing them just so I have an outlet for my anger.

  4. OMG, comments on infertility articles raise my hackles like nothing else. I want to beat the living shit out of those assholes.

  5. I might not be meant to reproduce but I am gonna do it anyway! so I am going to tell them to bite me!

  6. Those A-hole commenters should be forced to read every single blog on the ICLW list as punishment for their awful, glib, shitty "ha, ha, I'm so witty" cruelty. NO ONE who reads the 200+ blogs full of hearts breaking would ever say "just adopt" again.


  7. i rallied them on twitter for you!! you should come join us there-lots of IF and support flying around.
    hugs, i think of you often.