Sunday, June 21, 2009

still reeling

So, as I noted in my last post, I seem to be knocked up. I've not yet confirmed this at the doctor (hopefully will be doing that tomorrow) but an embarrassing number of HPTs concur.

The timing was pretty sweet - today is our sixth anniversary, and, of course, Father's Day. I've been suspecting it for a while and was getting really faint positives since Thursday, which was 11 or 12 dpo. Here's the crazy thing: this is my sixth (!) pregnancy, and the ONLY one in which I've gotten a positive that early. It's also the only time I've not had any significant bleeding (spotted a little yesterday but really only noticed when I was inserting my progesterone suppository). I hope those are promising signs. I started the lovenox and progesterone right after ovulation this month, and I'm not sure that they had anything to do with the current state, but I think maybe they did.

In all honesty, I'm pretty numb right now. I'd like to be hopeful, but I know how many things can go wrong. I'll take numb though - it's better than anxiety-ridden and dysfunctional. Hubby and I were chatting at lunch today, and we both made some pretty grim jokes at our fetus' (or zygote's?) expense. Don't hate me for it, kid.

I'll be calling the RE's office first thing in the am, and then the roller coaster ride will really begin.


  1. Oh very exciting! I will absolutely be following along. Fingers crossed that the RE's office gets you an awesome ( and speedy) beta!


  2. oh my! I would like to say cautious congrats and hope you get wonderful news from the REs office.

    I think starting the lovenox + prog at ovulation must have done something to help :)

    A regular visitor but also ICLW.

  3. What a nice day to confirm your pregnancy. Happy anniversary (a little late). :)

    The lack of spotting and the early HPTs sound like they could be very good signs. (I had a tiny bit of blood on my progesterone applicator the first day I used it too, and so far the kid is still kicking...)

    I know that feeling of "Oh my God, this is my SIXTH pregnancy" (I'm on my fourth) and it really is crazy to think that your body has been pregnant that many times.

    Best of luck with a great outcome from your first blood draw. I'll be cautiously optimistic and just say, who knows? This could be the one! ;)