Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday, I had my "What the fuck do we do now?" appointment.

It was fabulous. Man, do I love my RE. He always makes me feel like having a baby is within my reach, and that I am not a freak with a wombinator where my uterus should be. A few months ago, we had discussed moving on to injectables/IUI after clomid. However, considering that we have found another piece of the puzzle to correct (prolactin), he seems to think that femara alone should do it, and that getting the prolactin under control will greatly increase my odds of carrying to term.

So, I dropped of my prescription at the pharmacy and picked it up later in the afternoon. It only cost me $10, which surprised me because I didn't think my insurance would cover it. I shrugged it off, though, and continued on my way. Later, I pulled it out of my purse and started reading the drug info.

Hmm, I thought, this looks odd. The drug they sent home with me was medroxyprogesterone. At first I figured that it was just a generic or something, but it was nagging at me that my doc had said there are no cheap generics available.

I did some further digging, and realized that what they had dispensed was actually provera. As in, prevents ovulation.

I called the pharmacist to confirm that this was an error, and she tried to blame it on my doctor's sloppy handwriting, and said that the pharmacy tech was confused by it. Umm, no. First of all, provera and femara don't have all that much in common except for the ending. Second, if they were confused, they should have called his office to verify.

So I'll pick up the correct prescription tonight, pay through the nose, and get started on a medication that won't prevent me from ovulating.

Vigilance, people. Vigilance. Trust no one.


  1. Geez thank God you caught that...there's a huge difference between boosting and stopping ovulation. I'm going to keep this info as a lesson, and double check my prescriptions from now on. I really hope that this treatment helps you. Keep your chin up :)

  2. wholly crap - i would have been furious!! thank god you're paying attention! sheesh!

  3. After my first OB/GYN in this TTC journey made several mistakes/bad judgement calls, I am all about the vigilance. I feel like Moody from Harry Potter "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!"

    I'm glad you are paying attention to what they give you.

  4. Good for you! Shame on that pharmacy. Btw, I am Amber. I found your blog a few days ago. Good luck to you in your journey!

  5. Good for you for noticing. (And, I'm so glad you love your RE. That's so important.)

  6. This coupon will get you a free three month supply. I had my doctor fill it out and walmart filled it no problem for free. Just make sure he puts on the prescription a thirty day script.

  7. Good catch! I'm glad you noticed. I just finished a month of femara. I hope it works for you.

  8. Hey sweetie
    Thanks for posting this! I am extremely paranoid about meds and put very little into my body that I haven't researched etc. So I can understand your vigilance!
    PS. Relieved to hear you had your appt!

  9. What good news from your RE and that it sounds like an easy fix!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who checks and rechecks my meds, for this very reason. I'm glad also that you caught it!

  10. I'm incredulous! Someone very clever once told me "you have to make allowances for idiots" It seems, that you are making a lot of allowances lately.