Monday, January 4, 2010


You know you're a bitter infertile when.....

you log onto Facebook, see that two of your former high school students are about to have a baby together (like, today!) and all you can think about is how badly they are fucking up their lives, and how you'd make a better parent.

They are both 20, and both barely graduated high school. I worry for them, because if you can't get it together enough to graduate in a timely fashion from a NYC high school, what future will your baby have?



  1. Ah yes. This is lovely. What adds insult to my injury is to see the two senior girls who either just gave birth (12/31) or are due any day now, just like I should have been from my 2nd loss.

    I hate it. I hate what this does to me and how it makes me feel. It just flat out sucks.

    I hope it makes you feel better to know you aren't along in how you feel. (((HUGS)))

  2. Reminds me of my sister. And I was lucky enough to see this Facebook post today from her, "I can feel Gavin kicking now, it's the BEST feeling in the world."


  3. Yep, you have every right to feel bitter. It reminds me of the time 2 weeks after my ectopic when I went to the hosp to wait for my niece to be born. Had to sit in waiting room for maternity ward and women in labour would walk around periodically. Eventually a hugely pregnant girl who looked like she was 16 came out with her mum and even younger looking boyfriend-and I couldn't help staring daggers at them. Sigh.
    (((HUGS)))to you!!

  4. The reminders are just the worst. Especially when it is from people who just are too young or immature to be a "good" parent. We have a few friends that fall into the immature-YOU-need-to-grow-up-before-you-procreate category.