Monday, January 4, 2010


How badly do I want a child?

So badly I walk to work in the winter to avoid purchasing a second car (in the summer Hubby rides his motorcycle - otherwise known as "The Mistress" - and I take the car). I live in Iowa, people. That is no easy feat.

It means that, on days like today, I bundle myself up and slip and slide 1.6 miles over frozen and snowy ground when the wind chill is -25.

Is it all for nothing? All of this sacrifice and scrimping and saving and waiting?

What have YOU sacrificed on this journey?


  1. So far the main thing I have sacrificed is travel. I used to travel a lot, visiting family or every month seems to carved into pieces. This piece is doctor's appointment. That piece is meeting with our social worker. This piece is taking progesterone. It's a bummer.

    Nothing, of course, compared to walking in Iowa during the winter! My grandfather grew up near Cedar Rapids and was always telling us horror stories about winter. I send you warm wishes!

  2. Financial comfort. In pretty much every imaginable form. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. However, there's no way we'd ever be able to swing another international adoption, unless we hit the lotto. And I promise you this: if I win MegaMillions, you'll never walk to work again. I'm in IL so I feel your pain. It is BITTER out there.

    2010. It's gonna be THE year. I know it. <3

  3. 2009 was a tough one for us financially. DH is unemployed and our income has been pretty much been cut in half. Frankly, we're just trying to get by right now.

    This summer I'm anticipating cutting back our travel significantly. I don't really go shopping anymore either like I used to, which is fine. We have been very, very fortunate that up until this point my insurance has covered everything. I haven't had to travel down the IUI/IVF route though, although we're expecting my monthly injectables to be a bit pricey. If need be, we'll be selling a car to get rid of the monthly payment and working it with one car.

    Bundle up! Think about how much it will be worth it in the end. It will be. 2010 has to be our year!

  4. Hey wifey
    I have no idea what the weather in Iowa is like, but if you're freezing your tushie off that sounds pretty bad! I'll have to agree that it's mostly been financial sacrifice on my part too, having extra scans that weren't covered during pregnancy to help with my anxiety, also forking out the big bucks for the super-nice doctors who I could ring, like every second day whenever I was freaking know what I mean!
    I hope and pray that this will not all be for nothing...that you will get there someday and be the fantastic mum you can be. But while you're still giving up everything to get there, remember you've got a friend who cares that you're hurting.xx

  5. I know exactly how the weather in Iowa is (yo, stuck here!), QUITE the sacrifice...especially if the people in your neighborhood are as lazy as the people in my neighborhood about shoveling and de-icing.