Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Aunt Flow,

I hate you. You are a stupid stupid bitch and I wish you'd go away for a while. I remember when I used to be happy to see you, but now - not so much.

You are not welcome here.


  1. Same here. She showed up over the weekend.

  2. she's visiting now and I loathe her too

  3. You think that she would come without nasty, horrible other things (such as cramps and bloating) to avoid adding insult to injury.

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  5. I know. No one told me that getting your period after a miscarriage is like a stab in your heart. Just one more reminder that there's no baby in there.

  6. I should have this tattooed on my uterus.

  7. AF is a stupid cow. I'm sorry she showed.

    I hope she now leaves for a VERY long time.


  8. Hey sweetie,
    don't you just feel like punching that b**** in the face when she shows up?
    Ugh. (((HUGS)))
    PS. I know I leave hugs all the time-but I feel you're in need of them!

  9. AF sucks. I've never commented before but feel your pain like its my own.