Saturday, September 25, 2010

is this irony?

or tragedy?

or comedy?

or just plan ridiculous?

or just the story of my life?

Yesterday I went to the pharmacy to pick up my new meds. On a whim, a bought some hpts because they were on sale, and I've had a stomach bug for a week so I figured it couldn't hurt to rule out pregnancy.

I got home, took the test, and nearly passed out.

Positive. My eighth pregnancy. We've decided to knickname this one "The Ocho" (having just watched Dodgeball for the 90th time this weekend).

I almost had a panic attack because, since we weren't trying, I was not behaving like a good fertility patient - eating crappy food, drinking a lot, not taking my aspirin or folic acid, among other things. And, since this pregnancy has started out like so many others for me - I had bleeding and cramping this weekend and assumed it was Aunt Flow - I am trying really really hard to keep my mind open to the possibility that it might actually work out, to walk that tightrope between hope and despair.

First beta was 91 (not great, but not terrible). I go in tomorrow for the second. Fingers are crossed very tightly.

Oh boy. I hope I'm ready for whatever happens.


  1. ill be here with you, hoping and holding your hand. welcome little ocho, won't you stay a while?

    thinking of you and ill be waiting to hear about your strong beta this afternoon

  2. crap sorry i didnt realize my husband was signed in, but he is wishing you well too! he was sad when i told him your story, and said, "can't they just hang her by her toes for the rest of the time?" oh, if that were only an option for all of us...
    love to you

  3. woah... Good luck! Maybe 8th time's the charm?

  4. Wow. Numero Ocho. I know you are really freaked out. I really hope that this one decides to stick around for you. I will be anxiously awaiting your second beta results and I am hoping for really good numbers.

  5. oh my god? Can I tell you I'm sitting here tearing up at this news? Can I also tell you that this is basically how we got pregnant? Not trying, eating & drinking whatever I wanted, etc? Oh my goodness. And if it makes it any better, my first beta was 46..and now we're almost 18wks..Stick ocho stick!!!

  6. Sweet. Just watched "dodgeball" too and immediately got the reference. I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

  7. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for increasing numbers!

    i really dont have words...
    lucky number 8
    praying with you friend.

  9. OMG hang in there wifey. 91 is a perfectly decent number! Crossing everything for a great second beta. Maybe time to ask your doc for some preventive strategies.

    My last one was a surprise too, so I wasn't being a good patient either. I nearly fell off my chair when that test turned positive! I don't believe that my not being a good patient prior to the positive had any effect on the outcome.

  10. Praying for a doubling beta and a sticky baby!!!!

  11. 91 is a decent first beta. Praying for an excellent 2nd one as well. I just am so happy for you and also surprised. Stick, baby, stick!! I will be here for you along the journey...hang in there. (((HUGS)))

  12. Great news! Keep us updated:)