Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a shout out to local ladies

I have volunteered to be the Des Moines area group leader for the new Face2Face Friendship Group program started by Faces of Loss. If you're local, and interested in hanging out with like minded super fun ladies who have also survived loss - and you're not offended by tattoos and salty language - join our Facebook group. I've made it super easy too - there's a box on this page that says "Find us on Facebook!" and all you need to do is click "like." Or you can search on Facebook for the "Face2Face Des Moines" page. It's pretty lame right now but I'll be working on it tomorrow.

We will definitely be having our first get together soon, and likely in a bar/restaurant. Well, it might just be me unless some of you join up!

I know I have local readers - I do occasionally look at my stats. Delurk, delurk I beg of you! I so don't want my group to be the FAIL of the program. That would just suck monkey balls.


  1. Damn! I wish I could come!!! Sounds like it will be fun and reassuring to meet others 'like us'. Have one for me! ;)

  2. This is really great that you're doing this. Thank you, from a fellow RPL woman.

  3. It's great that you are doing this. Unfortunately Des Moines is not in Australia. Which reminds me!! If you DO come to AU I can give you some tips on must-sees!

  4. Wish I lived close enough to go! Hope its great!