Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So, I've read that clomid can cause some vaginal dryness. Apparently, I get to experience that lovely little side effect. Seriously, it's like the fucking sahara down there.

I keep expecting to see tumbleweeds blowing through when I drop trousers to pee.

It makes that actual baby making act more than a little difficult. We've been muddling through. Thank god for pre-seed.

Other side effects: I've been a little more emotional lately (okay, I cried reading the front page of the newspaper today. And nothing was even really on it!) but no crazy mood swings or rages. I have been sweating a ton. A ton. Thankfully, I have a rather physical job, so it's not unusual for me to sweat, but this is borderline ridiculous.

I haven't ovulated yet, so I'm sure more fun side effects will pop up as this cycle continues.....


  1. I've used pre-seed and pre, I definitely recommend it. I don't remember extreme dryness when I took clomid, but then the pre-seed was always handy. I think a lot of my issue is that there isn't much foreplay to get in the mood. So maybe try that. Do whatever you need to get really turned on and the natural juices will follow. I know for us time is a factor, so just make sure you have the time you need to really get into it. And besides, all this sex stuff is suppose to be fun! I'm one to talk since it's become like a chore for us, but I try to remind myself about when it was fun. Are you doing ovulation strips? Good luck!

  2. Oh goodie. Something to look forward to! A friend of mine told me that she had no side-effects from the Clomid, so maybe I'll get lucky too.

    Good luck with baby-making!!

  3. Shannon - yep, foreplay gets overlooked far too often when we're just trying to get the deed done. We definitely have more fun when it's not a baby making week.

    LuckyOnce - your friend is one lucky gal. However, if that's the worst side effect I have, I'll decorate those tumbleweeds and hang them on my wall.

  4. I thought I was the only one! We use lubricants which I just found out on yahoo that it isn't sperm friendly, so I'm going to buy preseed! GRRR...If this is why I haven't gotten pregnant on clomid, I'm going to be so pissed at myself!