Sunday, August 9, 2009

choo choo

The adoption train has left the station. And we're on it!

We spent a total of 17 hours driving several states away to go to a 4 hour informational meeting at the agency we've chosen. It's the first step to getting registered with them. The meeting solidified our desire to adopt, and led to many interesting discussions between Hubby and I on the drive home about our fears, our hopes, and our desire to be parents. It was fantastic. We love the concept of open adoption, and are so proud and excited to have finally gotten started.

We also solidified a major decision for us: we will not pursue IVF, at least not unless our financial situation changes drastically. And that's unlikely to happen, because if - or rather, when! - we get chosen by a birthfamily, I will be staying home to be with baby.

Oh, and there's the cost of the adoption itself. Oh boy. It's within reach for us, sort of, when we scrape together everything we have, but we'll still have to get a loan from someone to cover the rest. We were going to ask Hubby's parents, but they're, well, awful (his mother, Mrs. Pro-life, flat out told us today that we are not really parents because our children never lived. I get that we're not REALLY parents, but how can a pro-lifer say our children never lived? But I digress), and we decided we cannot subject ourselves to that. We do have other family members that we can ask before we have to resort to a bank. We won't be able to ask for a couple of weeks, and it's killing me. I need to plan it all out now!

Another possible complication: I could be pregnant right now. I've been nauseous as hell lately (although I'm sure all of those hours in the car didn't help) and weepy as hell lately (which could be due to the clomid). Hubby and I discussed it though, and even if I am knocked up, we'll stay on the adoption train. Because if experience has taught us anything, it's that the chances of me staying knocked up are not good. Like morons, though, we're hopeful.

I'm only 7 dpo right now, so I've been repeating my mantra: I will not pee on sticks, I will not pee on sticks, I will not pee on sticks. Say it with me, ladies.

Jeez, a whole two posts from me in one day. Momentous.


  1. So glad the meeting went well. It was nice to meet you the other night. We will have to get together again!

  2. Sounds like a great meeting.

    Good luck with not peeing on sticks, and good luck with seeing two lines when you do!

    And thanks for the blog award!

  3. PFFT...YOU ARE PARENTS! In my opinion, your a mom/dad the minute you conceive...but that is just my beliefs! Someone once told me that only religious people believe that and I said well my child had a heart beat and humans have heart beats SO THAT MAKES ME A MOM. Poo on them! :)

    I'm so excited for you to start this new journey. I hope if you are pregnant, this litle peanut sticks it out for 9 months!