Sunday, May 23, 2010

the darnedest things

The scene: that backseat of my friend's minivan, about to be dropped off for a girls' evening of fun. My friend's cute little boy is keeping me company. We're chatting about, well, whatever the hell a five year old in a minivan talks about.

And then he says, "You know, Wifey, I really wish you had kids so that when I come over I'd have someone to play with."

And I say, "But we have dogs. You always like to play with our dogs."

His reply: "I know, but dogs aren't kids. They're just not."

Don't I know it, kid.


  1. Ugh. DH and I had a similar comment from a woman at Costc.o where we got new phones this weekend. We were laughing at the kid who worked with her who was obviously trying to pick up girls. The woman said, do you two have kids? No. You really should! You'd be great parents and torturing them is the best part. Great.

  2. So innocent and so honest it hurts.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes...I know he wasn't really trying to hurt your feelings but you're allowed to feel sad about this comment. take care

  4. After telling her my age, my 19 year old lab partner in o-chem asked me if my husband and I had kids. I said no. She asked "do you just not want them?" I said, "no, I want them, it just hasn't worked out". Needless to say the topic was changed. I think that's too heavy for a 19 year old chica.

    Yeah, the cats aren't kids either. They're great an all, but definitely not kids.