Monday, October 5, 2009

day 21 progesterone

..... is 64.


wtf? that actually seems like a good number. ummm, like a really good number. The nurse actually encouraged me to take an HPT in a couple of days.

Good news from the doctor? Whose life is this?


  1. Wow! 64 is amazing! Are you on PIO's or something else?

  2. That would be so fun!!

    I think you could be pregnant. My word vetrification is telling you to "eat you a waffle," and that's pregnancy food if I've ever tasted it. "eatuawfo"

  3. That is a great number!! I am praying praying praying!!! And because LuckyOnce's comment is just friggin hysterical I think you should go eat you a waffle!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!
    I hope this is the month, seriously!!! Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Hope you survived the wilderness last weekend.

  5. I am not sure what PIO means but I am not on any kind of progesterone supplement right now. Just my red raspberry leaf tea.

    Thanks for all the good wishes - I am so hoping, hoping (even tho I know better).

  6. What a nice surprise! Good for you : )

  7. That is an AMAZING number! Especially without any supplementation! Wow! Congratulations!

  8. WOW, great numbers! I am praying that this is your cycle! Oh honey, I so hope that you are pregnant!