Thursday, November 4, 2010

a feeler

I hope this doesn't reek too much of desperation, especially considering my last post...... oh hell, I don't care if it does.

Hubby and I are planning an early 2012 vacation. We're going somewhere tropical and all inclusive - possibly the Dominican Republic because we loved it there and it's relatively inexpensive. We think it might be fun to have some friends along as well. So far, another couple and my cousin are likely to be joining us.

Anyway, would any of you dear readers be interested in an infertility stress free getaway? It might be fun to get together somewhere and cut loose for a few days or a week.

I realize that I could be pregnant or possibly have a child by then, but the chances are slim, and I'm done planning my life around a maybe. I also realize that saving for a vacation while we're trying to get out of debt and save for treatment/adoption is irresponsible, but hell, I'm alive. And I damn well should enjoy it.

So, if by chance anyone might be interested (I'm not creepy, I swear!) feel free to leave a comment or email me at

The thought of beaches and meals I don't have to prepare and adventures of all sorts has me feeling a bit better about life already.


  1. I wanna ago..But early 2012..we'll have an almost 1 yo..Would you still consider infertile friends w/a kid? I am a big fan of living irresponsibly as often as possible and the thought of beaches, let alone meals prepared by SOMEONE else does sound like heaven..

  2. Oh, this sounds fantastic. What a great idea! I could never talk DH into going though but keep us posted on your plans!

  3. I'll talk with hubby and get back to you. I'm a teacher, so getting time off is a challenge. We do almost all of our travelling in the summer, but we can do some over my Christmas break, which usually goes a bit into January. So we are a maybe because it would greatly depend on the dates of travel.

  4. Depends if you are coming down close to Australia, if you are then I'm a maybe! I'll (hopefully) have two kids in tow, however, so keep me posted on where you're going!!

  5. That sounds like a great time! We are planning a trip to London for late next year or spring 2012. It's nice to have something like that to look forward to!