Sunday, May 31, 2009


That's how long it took me to run my 12.4 miles Saturday. Sorta slow, but my aim was "Complete, not compete." And complete I did.

There were so many people in the race, and I ended up so far back from the start as a result, that I couldn't even hear the gun! It was a gorgeous day, a gorgeous route, and I'm already planning to do it next year, and also to run a half marathon in October. I think I can drop my time significantly, especially since I was battling charley horses in my calves for the last 4 miles.

Of course this plan is contingent upon my not being pregnant at either of those times, which, given my luck, is a pretty sure bet. Either way, I'm done planning my life around an off chance. Time is passing, old age is encroaching, and I cannot put off living any more. At the same time though, I am ready to commit myself to a Nazi-esque diet and fitness routine, not just to become super hot and super healthy, but because I secretly hope it will help me get preggers. Can't hurt, right? So this weekend was my last indulgence in beer for a while (nothing like a cold one after a long run!) and I'll be starting to wean myself off of caffeine as well. Steer clear, world, because the bitch is back.

Word of advice, though, to anyone who may be planning such a run: if race volunteers offer you champagne at mile 11 in celebration of the 30th running, pass it by. Do not, repeat, do not chug it and then try to make up the time you lost to charley horses by running really hard to the finish. Do not vomit immediately upon crossing the finish line, in front of thousands of spectators, while the announcer shouts your name over megaphone. Do hold the next wave of vomit in your mouth while the race official removes the timing chip from your shoe, because she really would not appreciate your spew on her head.

Running is fun :)


  1. I wish I had your get up and go. I use to run a long time ago, I'm not sure my joints could handle it now.

    I love the don't vomit at the finish line part! :D

  2. Touché on the "I'm done planning my life around an off chance" comment. I totally hear you. I`ve planned many things this summer, and worrying about getting pregnant is not one of them. I`ve started a diet and am committed to exercise. Like you I`m doing it to look good and feel good, but I also know it could help my chances with a pregnancy. Congrats on finishing your race...that`s an awsome accomplishment! Fierce!!!!