Sunday, May 24, 2009

have helmet, will ride

Went for a ride on the motorcycle today. It was a ton of fun, except for the pain in my rear. The passenger seat on hubby's bike blows, but the replacement seat we want is fairly pricey so I guess I'll just deal with it for the present. Oh, and we were riding to the fabulously fun in-laws'. (Note: this is sarcastic. They are neither fab nor fun.)

Luckily, we managed to get through a visit without them proselytizing. This is a rare occasion, akin to winning the lottery or seeing pigs fly. Since they have been "saved," they have been on a mission to save us. And this is my biggest gripe with them: they never cease in their efforts to convert us, despite the many times we have told them that we are not interested in their church. The right church, perhaps, at some point, although I find myself doubting any sort of higher power these days. But certainly not their church, a rich, white, suburban homophobic megachurch. That's just not my style.

We were fairly stunned that, on a Sunday, no less, we did not get the God lecture. I've been wondering lately if they might be somewhat disenchanted with their church, because it seems like they have been becoming less and less involved in God-centric activities, and more and more involved in life. My FIL is even going back to work, after spending years volunteering extensively for the church.

I have no beef with people of faith in general, only with those who commit to trying to convert me. The in-laws seeming newfound distance from their church, and from the missionary efforts, can only be good for familial harmony. Let's pray (haha) this lasts.


  1. I totally agree and will "pray" for you...hehe!

  2. I completely hear you. I'm thrilled that people are happy with their own churches, but I'm just fine and don't need their help to be "saved." lol (insert Billy Joel singing "Only the good die young" here.) :)

  3. really hoping this lasts for you. if you are going to have to go there, at least you are getting their in style!!!


  4. I hear you on the "I have no beef with people of faith in general, only with those who commit to trying to convert me"

  5. I love me some Billy Joel. Gotta go get the ipod out now!